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Casting Machines Manufacturers is one of the well-known Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers in China and our products include Continuous Casting Machine, Slab Casting Machine, Billet Casting Machine and so on. They can satisfy your needs for Continuous Casting Machine, Slab Casting Machine, Billet Casting Machine. As the Casting Machines Manufacturers wholly-owned branch of Shengli Group, who enjoys a high reputation in metallurgical industry, we’re confident to claim that our products, such as Billet Casting Machine, Slab Casting Machine or even Bloom Casting Machine are all of first class quality and with reasonable price. Our technology and service is reliable and clients-oriented.

Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of the methods being used for steel production are continuous casting, converting steel from the molten to the solid form. Therefore, with high production ability and meet safety standards continuous casting machine is of great significance for all continuous casting machine manufacturers. In such a competitive environment, Shengli Import&Export Co. has tried its best to meet all the requirements from current steel continuous casting market, such as flexible and automatic, etc. Here, we just list three kinds of continuous casting machine, Billet Casting Machine, Slab Casting Machine and Bloom Casting Machine. We can provide customized service for you based on our rich metallurgical knowledge and can offer you life-cycle service, including professional training of your employees. Also, if you’re an agent selling continuous casting machine who wants to find a cooperator, we’ll be very honored to be your partner and provider.

  • Bloom Casting Machine
    Bloom Casting Machine

    SHENGLI brand Bloom Casting Machine is of high quality, full arc type, five-roller continuous straightening. Any time referring to Bloom Continuous Casting Machine (CCM), the most important standards we should take into account are production and safety. Shengli’s promise for these two basic requirements is based on our experience in this bloom casting machine production field. We can also provide products according to your special request.

  • Slab Casting Machine
    Slab Casting Machine

    SHENGLI brand Slab Casting Machine is of high quality, full arc type five-roller straightening, low consumption, advanced technology. Now the market is searching for the most valuable casting machine plant with short delivery time, competitive price and ensured quality. We’re confident to claim that this entire complex request can be achieved by cooperating with Shengli Import&Export Co. We can also provide products according to your special request.

  • Billet Casting Machine
    Billet Casting Machine

    SHENGLI brand Billet Casting Machine is with advanced technology, reasonable design, low cost, high output, low consumption, good after-sales service. We’d like to introduce ourselves as one of the leaders in the area of metallurgy and process knowledge and technology. Not only because our headquarters Shengli Group is an early established enterprise which has long been concentrating on metallurgical industry, but also our innovation strength in steel casting. We can provide Billet Casting,&nbs...

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